Integrating task planning and ontology

Researchers from HWU visited KCL on the 12th of March to continue integration of the planning and ontology nodes of the PANDORA architecture. The work produced a new node which collates and distributes information. By implanting an ontology in the new node, HWU are able to reason about the collected information and provide the planner with dynamic updates that affect the plan that is currently executing.

HWU + KCL teams

HWU + KCL teams

In order to test this link, a new scenario has been devised: the AUV will be placed in a completely unknown environment, and be asked to count the pillars. In reality the tank contains one pillar and one buoy. Pillars are recognised from sensor data, but only after inspection from multiple angles.

Using the integration between the ontology and the planner, new goals and inspection areas can be dynamically created and passed to the planner, as well as new knowledge about obstacles that invalidate the current plan. The planner will replan, when required, avoiding detected obstacles and carefully inspecting the objects.

The scenario will be run first in simulation, and then in the wave tank at HWU.

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