Presentation of the Valve Panel and the new Robotic Arm

The robotic arm which will be installed in the Girona500 arrived last week. This will be used to manipulate the valve panel. This arm has 4 Degrees of Freedom(DoF)(slew, elevation, elbow, jaw rotation), and also the opening and close of the jaw. The arm has arrived without a proper control software and some time will be needed to perform the integration of the arm in the Girona500.

robotic arma E5

On the other hand, the valve panel has been built and is ready to start working with it in the water tank at CIRS. The first steps will be focus on the visual detection of the valve panel and the valves positions. Also, the valve panel in the simulator has been updated to match the one built.

robotic arma E5

In this video we want to show the speed and kind of movement which the robotic arm is capable of. The movement will be quite different from the one done when the arm is installed in the robot because the control of the arm will have also take in consideration the DoF of the robots, which can make more movements possible. To control the arm for this video we have used the commercial software provided by the manufacturer.

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