Here is the list of the public deliverables produced by the partners during the PANDORA project:

Work Package 1 – Describing the World
D1.1 Bayesian Updating to Ontology – Technical Approach pdf
D1.2 PHD SLAM pdf
D1.3 Geometric and Semantic World Model Update – Active sensing pdf
D1.4 Diagnosing and Predicting Task Failure pdf

Work Package 2 – Directing and Adapting Intentions
D2.1 Probabilistic Planning and Replanning pdf
D2.2 Remodelling and communication of constraints between the planner and the ontology pdf
D2.3 Opportunistic planning pdf

Work Package 3 – Skill learning for persistent autonomy
D3.1 PHMM skill learning for persistent autonomy pdf
D3.2 Covariance analysis for RL pdf
D3.3 Multi-dimensional RL skill learning for AUV pdf

Work Package 4 – Robust Control Strategies for Efficient Positioning and Interaction
D4.1 Control Methodologies for Disturbance Rejection pdf
D4.2 Control Methodologies for Interaction Control-Design Approach pdf
D4.3 Servoing Control Methodologies for UUV “hovering” around large pitch angles pdf

Work Package 5 – Testbeds Integration and Experimental Validation
D5.1 Agile Integration: 3-Monthly Forward Demo & Integration Plan pdf
D5.2 Validation Experiments – Reports and Demonstrations pdf
D5.3 S&T Objective Performance Benchmarking Final Report pdf
D5.4 Demo and Any Other Software Modules Approved for Release pdf