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The Computer Vision and Robotics research group of the University of Girona was established in 1992. Since then, VICOROB has developed R & D activities in different areas such as the development or real-time image processing hardware for navigation of robots developed in the laboratories of the group, the 3D reconstruction by computer vision and projection patterns, segmentation and description of images, object recognition in images, the analysis of texture images, the construction of photographic mosaics based on the analysis of sequences of images and medical imaging.


CIRS is the Underwater Robotics Research Center of the University of Girona located in its Scientific and Technological Park. We are a leader team in the research and development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for accurate seafloor mapping and light intervention.

During the last 15 years we have designed and developed a total of 6 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: GARBI ROV, URIS, GARBI-AUV, ICTINEU-AUV, SPARUS and GIRONA500. The last 3 of them, they are being currently operative for industrial and scientific applications.


VICOROB group has, within its organization, four different research laboratories that work together with each other for the realization of joint projects.

We develop teleoperated underwater vehicles and autonomous ones. This includes the study of control architectures for autonomous robots, the identification and modeling of the operating environment of underwater vehicles, designing and developing simulators vehicles, environments and underwater missions, the fusion of information different sensors for navigation, location of vehicles, the construction of visual maps of submerged structures and/or seabed, and everything that involves the construction, development and set up of robots.

As for underwater vision, the main research focuses on the development of systems for constructing georeferenced mosaics of the seabed, including the construction of large images, and information retrieval of three-dimensional seabed.

In PANDORA project we’re the coordinators of WP5 (Integration) and collaborate in the rest of WP.


ViCOROB collaborates in three Master programs (VIBOT, MIIACS, VICOT) and a PhD program in Technology.

We also want to highlight (to place the group in the international context) ICTINEU robot won in August 2006 in London, the first edition of the Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Europe (SAUC-E). Recently, VICOROB-UdG was winner of the competition SAUC-E 2010 and obtained a second position in SAUC-E 2011 with the SPARUS AUV.

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